SharePlus for Office 365 App Reviews

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No bugs all clear

Professional app

This is a good app if you want to work with your Ipad, and access to your Sharepoint websites. Blogs, forums. Clean navigation, intuitive use. The support is great and reactive. A real PRO application !

Very useful for offline editing of Customer lists

Would be even better if spreadsheet view would become better readable: smaller fonts, wrapping, customised column width and filter options. Developers answered promptly on my requests, so Im looking forward to version 3.

Tolles Tool

... Vor allem Offline

Works well over the Internet

We use it to access Sharepoint 2010 over a TMG, everything works fine. Offline caching of documents, hand-over to Quickoffice for modification, writing back to local store or Sharepoint work with easily understandable workflows. There was an initial issue with TMG, Infragistics worked it out and submitted a new release where TMG-authentication works just fine. My only feature wish: Using authentication certificates from the devices general store instead of having to deploy one into the software.

Works perfect

My favorite iPad application for the business.

Very good Sharepoint Client!


brilliant app, first mobile access to a sharepoint that works for me!

really brilliant app with some space to grow pro . works great with all kinds of fileshares I use . intuitive gui . very good to have a mobile look at my project files space to grow . editing . paymwnt model so keep going! thanks!

Doesnt work

Tried it on 3 Sharepoint Servers. No one worked. The App doesnt accept my credentials.

Nice app

This is a great application to view share point documents and lists. You can not edit them yet soon you will be able to in the new release which will be really great. I am excited to see these features in use.

There is a potential to be an awesome team collaboration tool

I have tried many GTD tools and none of them have the capability to manage a teams tasks. This one has the potential to be the tool that all teams will end up using once the developer gets its editing function completed. And on the positive side you are using your own equipment instead of subscribing and paying for a yearly task managing app. This puts you in control of your business, your team, your goals. Columns get added to the app just as you configured them in share point and I am really excited for future release of this app. Cant wait!!!

Poor editing capability and no technical support

I purchased this tool base on the advertised features. Unfortunately, the product does not deliver. Editing custom list worked for simple fields but could not handle rich text fields. I contacted support to report this issue, but never heard back from them, not even an acknowledgment.

Version 3

I had a few challenges getting ver 3.0 going on my iPad, but tech support had a solution! Great program. Thanks.

Great way to package SharePoint on the go

SharePoint in order for it to truly work must have the integration capabilities that allow SMBs and Enterprises to access information where ever and whenever. SharePlus offers that and packs a whole lot more in terms of features. Cons - could allow for gps integration directly into list fields as opposed to current copy/paste function. Experiencesslower connectivity issues (at times) Bottom line this app is well worth the investment for those who need access in the go.

Very Impressed!

This app does what a web version of SharePoint cannot. I was looking for a solution that would allow me to access SharePoint and upload photos straight from an app, as well as resize them before uploading. This app does that and much more, would highly recommend for any mobile user that needs access to SharePoint on the go.

Works great in my case...

I installed it and it works great for me on Windows Sharepoint Services... I just put in all the info and set a bunch of folders to sync and now I have all my RFCs, contact spreadsheets and procedural documents on my iPad all the time outside of work and on-call.

Excellent solution!

This app has been consistently improving since the first day I used it. I use it mostly for calendar entries while on the road and it is fast, reliable, and consistent. Excellent interface with great features and tie in to share point options and field selection. A+++!

Not there yet

Files dont open all the time, not consistent or very reliable.

Get Organized!

The new release is flawless so far. The team on the other end are super supportive. This make my team super productive and very up to date.


Très bonne application

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